What are some of the reasons why you need an attorney for a house purchase?

Handling/Negotiation the Sales Contract

Often after you sign the contract with your Real Estate Agent there are further negotiations

Understanding Financial Details

Should you go talk to a bank or a mortgage broker?  Years ago I would have told you to go to the bank because the brokers charged more but now there is virtually no difference and brokers shop around so you get the best deal.  I am pro-broker!

Searching and Insuring Title

Making sure the seller can convery you full ownership of the property you are buying.

Zoning Issues

Do you want to run a business from your home or build a garage?

Reviewing the Survey

Are there any encroachements into your property?  Is the shed you’re buying on your property.

Dealing with Property Disclosure & Warranties

Helping you review the disclosure the seller is required to give you.

Conducting the Closing

What money do you have to bring?  Are all legal requirements met to give good ownership?

Record your Deed

Make Sure you Get All of your STAR Tax Credits

Interacting wtih your Real Estate Agent

Working closely with your Real Estate Agent to make our dream come true.

Working With A Real Estate Attorney Can Make All The Difference!